Friday, January 3, 2014

wheelchair replaces the office chair

Well the dr gave me a wheelchair to get around the house on so that is making life easier here and should give my left knee a bit of time to improve. We had another storm last night and another tree snapped halfway up and landed in the pond and also part of the sarking on the S gable end of the house got ripped off. Around 4am the wind was at its strongest, Salthill in Galway was flooded this morning with high tides and storm surge.

Flooding in Salthill, Co Galway
My friend Keith offered to come next Tuesday and cut down a couple of the trees that are still hanging up on others so I am going to take him up  on that offer incase the other trees come down with the weight of the hanging ones.
Alan and Angie are away to Knock to catch Alans flight, hopefully the roads will be open and he will get back to Inverness about 6pm this evening. He has filled the porch with wood for the fire but I have not lit it this morning as there were sparks coming out of the chimney last night and it may well need cleaned and the wind is still strong to Gale force creating a huge draw on the fire.

Hope everyone had a good new year and there are not too many sore heads.

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