Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hospital checkup

Well today was my bi annual heart checkup and ICD scan and it all went well, had to travel the length of the hospital right enough which was a good workout in the wheelchair, I got a hand off a guy at one point when I was going up this long ramp, on foot you would probably have hardly noticed it but in a wheelchair its like Snowdonia.

Next Monday I am back in so they can change my cast to one where the foot is at a more normal angle at the moment its like a ballerina with toes pointing down, sounds funny ehh Rob the ballerina lol well you try wearing the wife's stilettoes with the heel broken off them for 3 weeks solid and get back to me. I have this longing to straighten my foot that comes in waves but hey what can you do.

The roof repairs are finally finished and there are two guys rebuilding the wall that was knocked down by the dozen trees that fell at the North end of the garden, the trees have been chopped into 25ft lengths and towed to the roadside by an excavator no doubt they will be taking them away soon. There is another bit of wall out the front the guys are going to spend a day on too and a bit of fence to go up. Cant wait to get back out there with the chainsaw reving its wee heart out, sawdust flying, dogs scattering and padded bra and high heels oops I,m a lumberjack and I don't care.

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