Sunday, January 5, 2014

tree pics

Angie went round and took a few photos of the last trees to come down in the storm the other night and the builder was round to give a report on the sofit repairs, he thinks because the original boards are rotten the insurance may only pay for new plastic sofit not the whole job so he suggested that the rotten boards were taken off before the assessor appears and disposed of. No I,m not going to dispose of the assessor lol.
Today is calmer but the forecast is for more gales all the way through to Wednesday sheeeze.
Angie is back to work on Monday and has to go to the UK on Wednesday morning so I shall be left on my tod till Friday but my pal Keith is coming to chop some trees on Tuesday and the neighbour will pop in at some point when Angie is away no doubt. Being in a wheelchair really makes you appreciate how lucky people with full mobility are I think everyone should have a week in a chair to remind them. After I get sorted out I think I will put an ad in the shop for anyone that needs help getting about, down to the shop ect.

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