Wednesday, January 15, 2014

what a waste of time !!!

Well yesterday Angie took the day off to drive me in to the hospital, I was all set to have an xray or scan to see if the tendon was healing and the appointment was for 0945, got there and waited till 1230 to be seen, which I hate (why give someone an appointment time if you have no intention of meeting it) its just downright rude. Then a student DR looked at my chart and asked me how my heart was, grrrrrrrrrr I explained to him that stress was bad for it but it was actually my ripped tendon I was attending the clinic for. Get this he didn't even look at my foot to see if it was a nice blue colour or anything just went running off to his boss for instructions and came back with the news that I should come back in 2 weeks and have a new cast put on with a different foot angle. What a waste of a day. What a waste of hospital resources What a waste of, well whatever, you get my jist.

Its a wet day here again and the lawn is flooded were a drain is blocked I would love to be down there up to my erse in freezing water unblocking it but it would mean crawling so I guess it can remain flooded. Spending today watching Photoshop tutorials online and learning a lot, the information has the chance of being memorized but I doubt I will remember that never mind the tutorials.

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