Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heating finished

Well the central heating is installed and working great guns I'm sitting here in a pair of shorts blogging, I put the shelves back in the hotpress today and almost finished tiling the wee shower room, it looks well.

This used to be two rooms both pokie and dark, I took the photo from inside the shower which is also a huge improvenment as they put a pressure pump in the water system so the shower has a great pressure  now.

The new stove sends hot water to the tank below, it holds 500ltrs of water and as well as being future proof with all these different places solar and different methods of heating can be plumbed into it also has all these failsafes and valve thingies and buttons and stuff.  

We couldnt afford a new kitchen so I painted up the existing units and renewed a worktop, there was nothing wrong with the carcasses anyway and it would have been a waste to scrap them.

The floors will get laid after I finish painting which will take a couple of weeks anyway but  I have the carpets and tiles lifted (the carpet is on top on my percolation area suppressing weeds till next spring) and we aim to put hardwood flooring in the sitting room and tiles in the kitchen. I'm going to try sanding and varnishing the hall cork tiles I think.

Because I'm home renovating the Olympics have been on in the background and what a brilliant coverage there is too, the BBC has up to 19 different sports on the red button and ones like the sailing and archery have been grabbing my attention between jobs. I think the UK has 8 medals so far one ahead of Australia.

Summer hasnt arrived yet although yesterday was nice it was back to showers today.

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