Sunday, August 5, 2012

First use of the range oven

Well we are having roast leg of lamb tonight so the oven is getting its first workout and all seems to be going well, the smell from the kitchen is awesome.Harvested and gave away some more veg today, the zucchini are over a foot long and we also have a huge crop of carrots and  onions. The day has been sunny intervals and torrential showers and I spent it painting the hall ceilings and walls as well as doing other wee bits and bobs. 

Angie was at the reposing of one of her workmates Mothers who passed away earlier in the week, basically the coffin is out on show and folks come and show their respects, the que was right up the street. There is a Mass tomorrow in the local chapel and I think she is going to that too. 

I hope the weather improves this week so I can get out sailing, watching all the Olympic sailors has me in the mood for a sail. Having the boat alongside has been great no hassles with moorings and rowing out and worry about the weather but unfortunately the summer has been pretty woeful so I haven't been out in her as much as I would have liked anyway maybe we will have an Indian summer he says with fingers crossed.

Marks car is still sitting outside, I put an advert on Done Deal but there hasn't been any response yet. 

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