Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my firepit

The pavers behind have been moved since I took the picture they are now around my vegetable garden. I need to get a metal grill for the wood to burn on and a barbi grill for the top. The marble came off the fire surround and is bliddy heavy, my shins can contest that fact.

Heading over to the dentists this morning to spend my weeks earnings on a couple of fillings, I sold the last two mountain bikes yesterday so just have to get rid of the bike trailer thingie and do some sums to see how much the bike hire cost or earned last season.

The midgies have been crazy this summer which will probably be the norm with the shelter I have from all the trees and the water round about, I have a list of jobs I want to do but am covered in bites from them and the horse flies so a lot of the jobs wait until its blowing a gale or even till this next winter.

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