Sunday, August 19, 2012

Angie gets a shot of the mower

Well Angie had a go at cutting the big lawn today which is good as she now knows whats involved and how big the job actually is :) I managed to get the edges and the other lawns done before it started raining. Dogs got a swim in the ocean as they had both been wading in the pond to cool off and were muddy.

I was meant to have a tiler come to price doing the kitchen floor yesterday he didnt come, and another one today didnt appear either, considering there is meant to be a shortage of work in Ireland you would have thought they would have at least rung to say sorry I cant make it or something along that lines. One of my pet hates is so called tradesmen saying they will do something then blinkin not appearing, its like they think you have nothing better to do all day than wait for them not to come.

May be going to Scotland in September for a wee break to see the folks, am just going to check out ferries now. The boat will have to come out of the water at the end of the month too was a rubbish summer and I was watching a wee yacht making heavy weather of it going out of Casla bay when the dogs were having a dip as the weather was coming straight into the bay, not the most enjoyable day out punching into short seas and driving rain.

 E coli bacteria is in the news today Six people have died and at least 100 others have been made ill by pickles contaminated with E coli bacteria in northern Japan.
Officials in Hokkaido said today that the pickled Chinese cabbage was made by two local producers and sold across the region. The first reports of illness occurred about 10 days ago.
Most victims were elderly people in nursing homes, but a four-year-old girl in Sapporo city died last week, a few days after eating the pickles.
Pickled Chinese cabbage is a popular Japanese side dish, and the deaths have shocked the country. Most food poisoning cases in the past have involved meat or seafood.
In Ireland,Cork County Council has banned swimming at three beaches in the county as a precautionary measure after dangerous levels of e-coli were found in the water.

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