Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic closing ceremony

Well what did you think of the closing ceremony? I,d like to say it was excellent as the rest of the games were but, I don't know, Geoggios Kyriacos Panayiot had two songs, personally I wouldn't have given him one I can't imagine him still having the fan base he used to after all his exploits in the parks but hey. Emili Sande has a great voice but personally I wouldn't have had her sing the song she did twice, the best of the entertainment for me was Eric Idle, the Who, John Lennon, Jessie J , Queen, Annie Lenox, and wow I never thought I would say this the spice girls. I think there are some british bands much better than some that featured but it would be impossible to please everyone ehh. Anyway it didn't take away from a great Olympic fortnight, I have never watched as much sport in my life and most of it was riveting viewing I think the bbc did an awesome job of coverage with the red button allowing people to view sports that would not normally get airtime wtg. 

Things are getting back to normal here now, the Galway races have finished and the Volvo cean race,so no doubt the builders will be back from their holidays and I might get my wiring done and floors laid and the fire surround finished, probably my website work might progress too as I have been waiting for photos etc from customers. 

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