Friday, August 10, 2012

New phone

Well my trusty old iPhone gave up the ghost a few weeks ago and I made the leap and got a new one on a plan with Vodafone the plan gives me unlimited off peak calls to the UK on the home phone and free calls to other Vodafone mobiles. The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy 2 and I have just being setting it up. As far as gizmos go it has them all including voice commands that actually seem to work ie I can ask it to send a text to someone in my contacts or look up frogs on google or set an alarm. It doesn't feel as classy as the iPhone but it is fast and has lots of good features including an 8 MP camera, I can remember the first digital cameras that came out that had 1MP and they didn't have a phone attached.

It's another glorious evening here weather wise although the day was overcast. Finally we are getting some heat it was 26C today. Hope to get out sailing tommorow.

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