Friday, August 10, 2012

Sailing and a galley awash with water

Well I,m just back from a sail which wasn't that enjoyable, Jessy was a real pain, for some reason recently she gets really scared on the boat and tries to escape, so she had to be tied up down below. Then I had far too much sail up for the conditions so the boat was heeling and rounding up in the gusts, I looked down below and the galley was awash with water so we just came back in. Turned out there was just about 10 Ltrs of water that had spilled out of the fresh water container under the sink so I just mopped it up with a towel when we got back in. Reminded me of the 1 st element of seamanship keep the water out of the boat. Gus jumped over the side after we berthed and near strangled himself as his lead got caught. I knew I should have just done some gardening today lol.

The whole country here went mad when Katie Taylor won gold in the boxing And IRELAND jumped to 39th in the medal standing. it could be enough of a boost to end the Eurozone crisis, or maybe not. Well I dont know wether to go for a swim or do some mowing, I know what I should do.

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