Friday, August 31, 2012

Diddlie I de do

Well I'm home from the hospital again, this time they gave me 4 cortizone injections in the back ? not quite sure why apart from the fact that my back was sore, that was the reason I went to see the Dr last Wednesday. Anyway I know now after a GP visit, and a visit to the bowel specialist, two nights and 4 days in hospital, and a visit to the reumatologist, that I dont have kidney stones or anything drastic with the bowel apart from it being a bit inflamed or reumatoid arthritus. The drugs I took which had me no where near food or a loo for 2 days then sitting on it constantly afraid the porcelin may crack, when I wasnt stuffing things up my bottom, seem to have worked?
 So whats up with you bud? sorry havent the faintest idea. Ohh he ended up asking if I'd had a colonoscophy, or summat recently and I felt like saying "no the only thing I have been putting where the sun doesnt shine for the last week is my index finger on the end of a painkiller / anti inflamatory" but I didn't as they are just doing their jobs ehh. Whinge over? Well not quite, do you know how much they charge !!!

I'm changing my favorite movie of all time to  Darby O'Gill and the Little People just because Sean Connery singing riles the heck out of those trying to get rid of the "leprechaun diddly I de do" Irish label they are stuck with to be sure.

Ok change of subject and I'll try and be serious, anyone scared of flying, as a few of my friends are, should look at this guy who is eighty three Ron Akana from Boulder, Colorado., finished his career as a flight attendant over the weekend on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Kauai, setting the world record for the Longest career as a flight attendant he clocked up 200 million miles in the air.

Ok Diddly I do off I go

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