Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics opening ceremony

Well what a good start to the Olympics ehh, I didn't completely understand all the elements but the highlights for me were the transformation from countryside to Industrial revolution, which went seamlessly, the deaf lady drummer Dame Evelyn Glennie and the 1000 other drummers who were braw, Mr Bean and the symphony orchestra, James and the Queen and her corgi's, the Olympic cauldron, the colourful dresses of the different nations, most of the music and the biking winged folks.

Danny Boyle did an awesome job, for me seeing the kids and staff from GOSH was nice but the NHS celebration started to lose me a wee bit, apart from Danny being MrTrainspotting I dont think that movie would have got a reference, Paul stuffed up the start of Hey Jude and carried on far too long at the end but he certainly had squillions of us singing along for the first 10 choruses of na na na, overall it was well worth staying up late for.

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