Wednesday, August 22, 2012

in hospital

Well im in the ER Galway hospital with suspected kidney stones.I will know more in a while no doubt but am kinda uncomfortable at the moment.
I will keep you all updated as to if i have to stay in overnight or not. Didn't even have a shave lol so look kinda bedraggled.

It's a kinda dreich day anyway and all I had on was painting, I put an undercoat on the new mantle yesterday which was like applying treacle and I,ll probably have to do a fair bit sanding before I gloss it, you would think nowadays they would have easy application under coats, they do Rob just you chose an Irish brand.

Petrol prices are about to jump up again, at the moment the Government get 93.5 cents out of every ltr sold in tax crazy ehh. It's good they have wifi in the ER here at least I can muck about on the iPad. I used to change tack mid scentence with topics but am much better now and they have nice blue curtains in here to be sure.

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