Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shins vs Marble, Marble wins 2-0

Well I was making a firepit out of the marble fire surround that was taken out in the renovations and managed to take the bark off both shins at the same time when one of the blocks tipped over, gladly my neighbours are a fair distance away as the air turned blue. We had the first taste of summer today withthe temp climbing to about 22C and sunny and calm so i took time out to do some work outdoors, no midgies around so I have all the windows open for a while. Jessy is lieing outside in the sun probably remembering Australia.

If its nice tommorow I might try and get out for a sail as the weekend looks dreich again.

Apparently there was a Twitter frenzy today when a newspaper refered to Katie Taylor (Irish boxer ) as British lol it sounds like a not very frenzied frenzy ehh a twitter frenzy, anyway the whole town of Bray where she comes from is stopping for her next match at about 1400 today, good on her hope she wins, ohh her Dad is from Yorkshire btw.

Well lunchtime is over so I better get back to it.

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