Monday, March 7, 2011

Update to my website

Well I put the bike hire on my website and thought hey wouldn't it be kewl to have a real time check on how many bikes are available for rent on each day, so I linked google callendar into my webpage to do just that, clever ehh. So now if you want to check if I have any free bikes on a certain date just go to  click on "bike hire" then on the link "bike availability" which will take you to  select the date you want and there ya go :) ok stop bliddy yawning I know I'm a nerd and you all want to hear about Berlisconi's most recent conquest rather than my scripting abilities.

I'm going to see "Itsa Ma Bota" afloat tommorow and maybe have a wee sail and see how easy she is to launch / raise masts etc. Mark will come along for moral support, I'm hoping the gps the man was throwing in can interface with my laptop as I have all the digital charts for the loch on it and it would be the same as having a 17 inch chart plotter. Mind you I wouldnt be able to get the laptop wet.

Its been terrific weather this last week dry and flat calm with most of the days sunny, I think tommorow is meant to be nice too and instead of walking in the woods tommorow I'm taking a bike and the dogs can run along with me. I did about 4 miles today with a 150 meter uphill stretch which is a killer, mind you coming back down was neat although a bit sore on my elbow still. I think I will have to buy a trailer to carry the bikes in as the carrier I got for the back of the car is fine for 2 bikes but thats about it.

Ok Berlisconni----- Italy's state TV network is facing accusations of censorship after it banned a trailer for a documentary critical of Silvio Berlusconi, claiming it pokes fun at the prime minister's late mother.

In a filmed interview used in the trailer, which was due to be shown on Sunday, Rosa Berlusconi asserts: "You will never see a photo of Silvio going around with women."

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