Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Concussion and a job on the chain gang

Well Angie had concussion through headbutting a boulder, the dog ran past her and she fell over backwards and knocked herself out. I have renamed the rock "Angie's Pillow" and there is pottential she could be offered a job on the chain gang breaking rocks with her head.

It was after 11pm before we got home as the electricity went off and they couldnt do any xrays, not sure why the emergency generator didnt come on but hey this is Ireland.

I bought myself a yacht :) its a Magreggor 26X 2001 model on a trailer and the one I had the sail on the other day, I got it for a couple of grand under the asking price with other bits and bobs like an inflatable dingy, wheel lock, etc thrown in so I'm chuffed. I'll hopefully pick her up tommorow afternoon and will spend the next week putting the mast up and down in my garden till I have it perfected. The boat comes with so mant extras I may have to tow a barge along behind with all them on. Hopefully I shall be so busy renting out bikes I shant get much of a chance to be out on her, ouch bit my toungue I had it in cheek there for a second, as you do, to be sure.

Angie bashing her head made up my mind to go for it as if the rock she had bashed her head on had been pointy she could well have been dead instead of propping up the couch today, so you only live once may as well have a yacht ehh.

The St Patrick Day parade takes place on Thursday and I'm putting a couple of my bikes on the trailer along with some flags and tinsel to join in, I was hoping to get a banner made but was too late so I have just printed out and laminated a few signs for it and the car to help drum up business. The local bike shop and toursit office have put signs up for me and I'll do a barter deal with the bike shop for directing traffic my way I'll help him set up an ebay shop.

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