Saturday, March 5, 2011

Give Mary the transport portfolio

THE red coupe was heading toward the exit, out through the big gate on to Kildare Street.

Around the car park it went, and then promptly turned onto the wide sloping ramp which leads onto the plinth of Leinster House -- that's the pedestrian bit with the benches and flowerpots and the short set of steep steps at the far end.
Good grief -- where was the driver going? Surely there would be a quick and sheepish reverse once the steps hove into view?
But no, Mary Mitchell O'Connor simply channelled her inner Daisy Mae Duke and proceeded to navigate down the steps regardless. Bump, bumpity, bump, bump.

What the heck am I waffling on aboot your say? well Mary was elected this last week to be a member of parlament here and promptly on her fist day drove down the steps at parlament house.

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