Monday, March 21, 2011

pc hard drive dies

Well my vista PCs hard drive gave up the ghost yesterday so I'm currently installing vista on a second hand 200 GB drive I had saved from another machine, its not costing me anything apart from time. Vista requires one disk for each machine and my disk is as old as vista so has been superseded twice ie we are on SP2 now so after loading the operating system there are 120 updates to be done and it takes hourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

Anywayyyyyyyyy, had a good sail yesterday on the loch with Mark his girl and Angie, boat flies even with just the head sail out and the weather turned blustery so I just motored back into the wind, apparently gentlemen don't sail upwind anyway, I didn't realise that. I was more concerned about having a relaxing sail downwind with not too much in the way of ropes to confuse my new crew. Raising the mast and rigging is a chore but I suppose my boat is safe in the garden here now till I go out again and I don't have to worry about gales or things being stolen off her I had two outboards stolen in Australia and two dingies. I believe in Karma so in that case the two dingies will have sunk leaving their theiving owners to swim ashore in shark infested water and the two outboards will have broken down on lee shores in near gales.

The Real Estate Inspection is today, one of the things I hate about renting is having someone come check on me at 3 month intervals mind you Sheila is nice and was real helpfull when we were looking for a place, I'd use her again. After she does her rounds I'll take the dogs to the woods as they havent been for a few days. I have a cold and dont feel too brilliant so it wont be a long walk.

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