Tuesday, March 29, 2011

change in the weather

Well its another beautiful evening here, its been awesome weather all this last week, I put the boat back on the trailer and she is back in the garden as a change is on its way, the rest of the week is to deterioate and end up with gales and heavy rain. I managed to put the boat back on the trailer and drop the mast ect myself as Mark is suffering with the Flu, its a bit of a palava but not too difficult if you dont rush things.

I've taken off the bowsprit, because it was silly, it didnt serve a purpose, my self furler is anchored on the bow, so it doesnt extend the sailplan beyond the confines of the hull, if you come into a wharf its sticking another couple of foot out which can be a pain and also putting the boat on the trailer its support was getting bent on the trailer roller. So thats another modification lol. I got a wee lead to connect the GPS that came with the boat to my laptop, on ebay, I have digital charts for the Loch on the laptop so now I can use it like a chart plotter. I also got a car charger for the laptop so if I stay aboard I can use the laptop as a DVD player, a chart plotter and using a usb dongle connect to the internet to do my blog and chat to my pals.

Sheana and Sacha are coming for 10 days in April so I'm hoping we get a spell of good weather and we can stay aboard the boat overnight.  

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