Sunday, March 13, 2011


The changes may be imperceptible to most people, but the massive earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan Friday had a startling impact on the Earth, experts say. The 8.9-magnitude quake moved Japan's main island by more than two metres, in addition to shifting Earth on its axis and  speeding up its rotation by 1.6 microseconds,  it was considerably less than the quake in Sumatra in 2004. That quake sped up the Earth's rotation by 6.8 microseconds. I thought it was light earlier this morning. Poor souls in Japan affected by the quake and tsunami my heart goes out to them.

When I saw the size of the wave I was wondering if it would go as far as Australia, our house in Kurnell was only a meter or so above HW Springs and my pals Paddy, Troy and Howard and their families still live there.

I went and had a look at a second Magregor 26 X yesterday down in county Claire, she was pretty scruffy and not a patch on the one I had the sail on last week (Isa Ma Bota), I put an offer in on Isa last night but may have missed out as the owner was saying he has someone coming up today with a deposit for the full asking price and my offer is short, mind you he may just be playing the game lol. Ohh well what will be will be.

I wrote to the Real Estate to see if there was any worries keeping my bikes here and using the address for my business and they said its not allowed so I am looking at moving, I have a viewing this coming week of a property on the lochside which is smaller but apparently very nice and cheaper which may mean I could also rent a shop in the villagefor my various endeavours. If I leave prior to August I'd lose the bond but the difference in rent would pay that back in 4 months. It would be awesome if I could launch the yacht out front or even keep her moored there.

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