Saturday, March 26, 2011

877 is not a lot

Well this is Ireland, I didnt get the more expensive bikes, they must have found some bikes in the world somewhere, anyway the last were delivered today by a lady that commented on the postcodes. I have stickers on them from the counties in Ireland ie Mayo, and Wexford, Galway and Dublin. This will help me keep a check on the individual bikes. My public liability is sorted out so I can now start trading, so far I have missed 7 hires due to not having the insurance.

Itsa Ma Bota is back in the water, Mark and I shall go for a sail after I have been for a second look at the house for rent down on the water, Angie will probably come for a sail on Sunday before she heads off to the UK next week for the whole week. The house on the water will not be available till August but that works out well so I dont lose my bond. The weather has been picture perfect this week. I took a lassie and her wee boy out for a wee sail as they hadnt been on a boat before that was my good deed for the day.

Gus had a doo, the man who was grooming him was going fine until Gus got spooked by the air compressor and wouldnt let him continue, he told me he has groomed all sorts of big scary dogs but Gus took the biscuit and just wouldnt let him finish, I didnt get charged.

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