Thursday, March 24, 2011

bikes and yikes

Well I went into Galway for a pc job and called into Halfords to see how my remaining bikes were progressing, they aren't lol this is Ireland. Apparently there are none of the bikes he sold me left in the whole world ( wonder if mine are worth more now than 3 weeks ago)? anyway he has offered to give me the remaining 4 bikes in a more expensive model so I said kewl and rubbed my hands, was feeling great about getting more expensive bikes until I got back and got my quote for the public liability insurance sheeeeze 877 Euros a year with no 6 months deal, thats a lot. Ohh well I shall just have to rent heaps and heaps of bikes. Maybe I should approach Moycullin bike store ( next town )  and ask them if they want to rent bikes through my company ie on my insurance hhhmmm they have expensive mountain bikes.

The weather here is perfect again and tomorrow is the same, I just went and had a look at a house for rent for less money than we pay now, its in a perfect spot on the loch side, a 3 bed bungalow with 2 bathrooms and a wee jetty that might go with it, the garden is great with heaps of space and sheds / green houses. Just the inside is really grubby an old kitchen with a lovely aga that doesn't work ? (this is Ireland) the bathrooms are old and peach coloured loos etc yuggers, it has rising damp in one room at least. A lovely conservatory with water views, 2 open fires and one gas one and central heating. I'm going back down to show it to Angie, outside anyway, and will take some pics.

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