Sunday, March 6, 2011

Half my bikes arrive

Well I got 5 bikes today and helmets and locks and the other 5 arrive on Wednesday they look Shmick as they say in Aussie. When they were getting dropped off I got a call to see if I could hire out 2 bikes but I didn't as I hadn't got the insurance sorted yet, anyway hope to have that sorted by Wednesday too.

The weather has been great this last week and there are a few tourists around the place already. I may have to buy a trailer to deliver the bikes with as the car transporter thing for the back of the car is only good for two bikes even though its meant to carry three.

QUEEN Elizabeth is to make an official visit here in the summer, the first by a British monarch since the foundation of the State.The announcement was warmly welcomed by all of the political parties last night, except Sinn Fein, which said such a visit was premature
Already, dissident republican groups are planning street demonstrations and senior garda anti-terrorist officers have started drafting contingency plans for the queen's security.
The announcement by President Mary McAleese ended months of speculation and was described as a watershed in Irish-British relations. The queen's grandfather, King George V, was the last serving monarch to visit the country 100 years ago when Ireland was part of the UK. He spent six days in Dublin in 1911.

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