Friday, March 18, 2011

No fly zone

Well Libya has a no fly zone and I have followed suit here with a no dog zone, the real estate come round on Monday to check I'm not destroying the place and I like to have it looking shmick and I may be out sailing all weekend so thought I better do the cleaning today, the no dog zones are the front sitting room the dining room my office this level toilet and all of the upstairs. Did anyone spot the wee dog pretending to be a lamb in the picture yesterday ? its one of Angelas best ever pictures she usually cuts either the head or the feet off people she photographs and normally the wee dog wouldnt have been in the photo atall.

A shower just came through here with a strong breeze but I'm hopeing tommorow will be nice, I have lowered the mast in prep for tomorow morning and will have to get up early and take her down to the ramp before the traffic as the mast sticks out behind quite a bit. I have to get some petrol today at some point which will mean taking out a morgage and will just take the bare essentials with me sailing tomorow.

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