Saturday, February 15, 2014

snow and rain squalls today

Well I managed to do two fills of petrol today in the chainsaw clearing and stacking as I went, I put a strong plastic bag over the boot insert which keeps it dry and the sawdust off it and had my waterproofs on and the chainsaw hat with earmuffs and gloves so was pretty cosy even though it was snowing. Sometimes it can be warmer when the snow is falling. Anyway I made a start and haven't tired myself out too much it will just take longer to clear everything than it would if I was 100% that's all. 

 More than 75,000 customers in Ireland were still without electricity after Wednesday’s storm I must give ESB a rap along with the water board boys for getting us back with electricity and water as quick as they did I wish Eircom (the telephone mob) were as good I still don't have a telephone line.

I have been watching the winter Olympics when not chopping logs and the snowboarding especially the slopestyle events are awe inspiring. Sheena and Sacha are meant to come for a week from next Tuesday and if John is feeling up to it he may come too if Sheena does come it will be a working holiday lol I have plans for them to be stacking logs and clearing/ shredding/ burning branches for the time they are here.

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