Friday, February 7, 2014

Lovely morning

Well the sun is out at last, Paddy said yesterday that I should use the holes left from collapsed trees as a swimming pool and I think I said ohh yeah I could use that the one day that is nice in the year, well this morning is nice. I can actually see my neighbours through the lack of trees now to the North is the wee village of Doire Choill and one neighbour to the South who is in the township of Derrynea, I,m just on the border. How fickle am I, I like Ireland when the sun is out lol.

You might be able to see how full the river is in the bottom pic, it has actually overflowed onto the bog and has been like that for months now.
Scotland were pretty ordinary in the second half against Ireland in Dublin last weekend but I have my hopes high that they will give England a hurry up this weekend at Murrayfield. Ireland play Wales first up which should be a good game.

My potato patch covered in seaweed.

Still no phone or internet yet but hey it could be worse the electricity could be off too, it may well be off too if the storm that is forecast comes through this weekend lol.

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