Friday, February 14, 2014

How wrong could I be

Well I was wrong about the low pressure passing us it came through with hurricane force winds again, the trees in front of the house came down this time one blocked the drive completely and two others took down the electricity line so we had no power here till half an hour ago, also the water main was ripped up with a root bowl so we had no water. Michael and Angie took the day off work today and we knocked down about 10 trees today.  Now there are no trees standing between the gate and where the electric cable comes in near the wee gate. Will be lots more light in the morning now at the front of the house anyway but it will take me ages the get the trees logged and tidied up.

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Di said...

Oh lordy, you are having one hell of a time! Good luck. I hope this is the last one through for the winter!