Sunday, February 16, 2014

The new improved logging boot

It was nice and sunny yesterday and a bit warm for wearing oilskins so I had to adapt my boot to stop the sawdust sticking to the insert.

I went for the go faster yellow and blue foot and got comments from passing pedestrians. The ingenuity of mankind is breathtaking ehh.

We had a huge day yesterday, I started about 8 am and was just going to work until I started feeling weary anyway after I had been cutting logs for about two hours Michael and his two boys arrived so I think we did about 8 hrs by the time we finished. Michael was cutting the logs and I was chopping them with the axe into fire size bits that will dry quicker due to being split and his boys were taking them in the barrow and filling up my trailer. Angie was feeding branches into the compacter and one of the boys was tipping the mulch for her. A hot shower at the end of the day was bliss and today we just did about 2 hours and are having an easy afternoon infront of the box.

Sheena arrived in Waterford yesterday and is coming up on Tuesday and Angie is off for the week while she is here. The house needs a good clean before they arrive.

I wasn't the only person to suffer damage from the storm the whole of the SW of Ireland got hammered there are still folks with no electric today.

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