Thursday, February 13, 2014

Todays storm

Well todays storm looks as if has passed south of us here and it is not as bad as was forecast, I think the UK and Wales are getting a hammering with hurricane force winds infact they are saying it is the worst storm this year. Saying that the wind has just piped up to about force ten now so maybe I jumped the gun lol.

Eircom and their contractor found the telephone line and uncovered a manhole on the roadside :) I thought this was good news and I would get my phone line back on but they came in yesterday and said they would provide me with a pipe which I should run from the manhole to the house and bury underground. Its about 300 meters and when I explained that I couldn't run the pipe never mind bury it in my present condition he basically shrugged and walked off saying it wasn't his job. I couldn't be bothered arguing as the whole affair is getting me depressed. Eircom are required by law to provide every house with a telephone line and if they don't mark the thing on any map or by markers on the kerb how on earth are we meant to know where they are. The contractor I got to put up a fence along the roadside had to use a few scoops of soil to level off the area as the road had subsided into the garden so he must have broken the line then. I went and checked out house prices in Tasmania for the rest of the afternoon.

My glass doors in the sitting room are now flexing half an inch in the gusts of wind and I wont be surprised if even more trees come down this afternoon.

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