Sunday, February 9, 2014

Death by a thousand lineouts

What can I say, my team were woeful, they lost most of their lineouts and you cant compete in the 6 nations losing your own throws. Dave Denton was our best player and apart from Laidlaw the rest of the team were pretty ordinary to say the least, sorry boys but if you don't want the wooden spoon you will need to put some heart into it. Ireland were the total opposite, they showed real guts and determination to totally play Wales off the pitch, well done Ireland. The coach also played brilliant tactics.

What about that snowboard Slopestyle wooooohooo riviting stuff. So much more entertaining than the downhill races for me anyway mind you the speeds they get up to are impressive. The British contestants did really well to get into the finals. The Russians made a great job of the opening ceremony one of the best Olympic openers I have seen.

Its raining again today, nothing new there, but there are bits of blue sky every so often and its not blowing a gale, I will have to try and have a walk round the garden to see if there are any snowdrops out yet but walking on the rough ground isn't easy in the boot and I don't want to get the insert wet.


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