Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What to do

Well it's 0730 on a windy sleety morning in February in Ireland, there was a gale last night and yes you guessed it the electricity is out again. Stupid me forgot to charge my gizmos, phone, iPad and laptop so I guess I will not be able to blog for long.
It looks like it may fine up a bit this afternoon so I am delaying my outside work till at least it stops sleeting, I would watch the news but the tv doesn't work without power would read a book but it hasn't really got light this morning yet, I would Hoover but it's a bit like the Telly, would take a run in the car but that's still not allowed with my ankle, would walk the dogs but it's sleeting, hmmm has to be something I can get up to.

I,m going to clear all the seasoned firewood away from the shed and am getting a roof donated to make a lean to to store firewood under in the same spot so between moving the dry stuff and bar rowing down, chopping , stacking all the new stuff that will keep me amused for a few hours.

Miss chatting with my online pals and family but hope you are all well and have electricity.

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