Friday, February 28, 2014

Another mostly dry day

The hardest part clearing my fallen Cyprus trees is getting rid of the branches and greenery.
We also made the mistake of piling all the bits of log and branches on top of each other when we were clearing the driveway so its a slow process getting through the pile, anyway here are some photos I took earlier to show the progress.

 I had physio yesterday and the girl was a lot rougher on the ankle than she was the first visit to say the least but it is coming on nicely and the exercises I have to do this week (5 times a day) include 10 times standing on tip toes,  10 knee bends with feet facing straight ahead and balancing on the injured leg with the other foot off the ground for 10 seconds, sound easy ehh, well the tip toe one and the balancing are a challenge.

Angie was over with John in Dublin at his stem cell replacement interview so hopefully it went well. 

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