Friday, March 14, 2014

a good week of weather

Well a good week of weather and the front garden is looking a bit better. I gave away a few loads of timber in exchange for some help or I would have been there for months. A good rake and wee bonfire and all that is left is a massive rootball (3 tree stumps with the huge lump of soil and roots) which I am not sure what to do with. Next project is to get the half tree out of the pond and work on some others down the garden. I am going to pay a bloke to come in and top 4 more big pines at the front of the house so I can drop them too and I have a couple hanging he can attend to while he is here, that should happen in the next three weeks as he is still busy clearing up after the storms elsewhere.

A couple of weeks and the boat goes back in the water, it seems like for ever since I took her out last autumn. a friend with a boat is coming up on St Patricks weekend so i shall go out on his boat with him for a jaunt and help him get her onto the trailer for a bottom clean. My boat just needs a good scrub down and a buff up but it will take me longer this year to get the mast up etc as I took the spreaders off and things.

My ankle is progressing well although it gets very weary standing on the raised heel when I am out working and often by the end of the day I can hardly stand but its getting there I suppose.

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