Thursday, November 14, 2013

Planning an excursion

I quite like planning excursions, probably as it means I will be getting away for a wee break, this one is to see my Dad in hospital and help my Mom visit him too. I would have much preferred for my Dad not to be in hospital but it will be great to see them both, I was hoping when we moved to Ireland to have been able to visit home more often than I did living in Australia but with the three dogs here and no real income to talk of its not as easy as I was hoping. Maybe I will get a chance to do some Christmas shopping while we are in Glasgow.

Today is another HDR day (Horizontal Driving Rain), yesterday was nice but today is back to Gales and sheeting rain, the pond is yellow in colour with all the leaves on it and the lawns are also covered in leaves, I was going to rake them yesterday but walking on the grass would have turned it to mud it is so soggy so they remain. I did manage to get most of my log piles covered in tarps right enough and chopped some firewood. My left arm with the broken elbow is not so good with the wood chopping as my grip sometimes goes weak just as the axe connects and the axe tends to fly off, lol sounds dangerous ehh.

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