Tuesday, November 5, 2013

“In The Service Of Human Kind.”

“In The Service Of Human Kind.” is the motto for the Indian Space Research Organization, in about half an hour they are about to send A$73,000,000 into space, to go look for life on Mars.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has publicly called child malnutrition "a national shame," A$73 million is not a lot of money when it comes to feeding India's starving children but if the whole amount made it to their mouths instead of being filtered off in bribes to officials it could help.
Save the Children’s largest humanitarian operation, in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami received funding of US$272 million, largely through generous donations I wonder how much of that made it to ground zero. I find the Caste system and the Indian nation sending A$73,000,000 into space repulsive when their children are having to sift through cow dung for seeds to eat.

Well that is my rant for this morning he says, as he nods his hoary head.

I am going across to Scotland on the 26th of this month for a week or so, while my Father is in hospital, it feels like I haven't been out of Connemara for years, I'm turning into a hermit here, one who sits in his cave and rants about India's space program while nodding his hoary head.

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