Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Govan shipyard and the Independence movenment

The news today had mention that Govan Shipyard may suffer massive job losses. There are currently 3,200 people employed by BAE across Govan and Scotstoun and what a boost it would be for Alex Salmond if the jobs go before the vote on independence. The opposition to Independence have said before, that IF Scotland gets independence then the jobs building British warships would obviously not be tendered out to a Foreign country.

Now I don't even live in Scotland, and haven't for almost 24 years but if you look at Alex's policies like wanting 100% energy from renewables, wanting to join the euro, and independence it is like he has a political death wish. 100% from renewables is impossible, 30% will be really hard to meet, will cost billions to the consumer and will ruin Scotlands landscapes and beauty, why on Earth would you want to join the euro when so many countries would love to get away from Germanic monetary rule, and independence, well if you take away the romantic aspect of being your own country it makes no financial sense. Lots of people here ask me if I would be for independence, hearing my accent seeing the tartan scarf and rugby shirt every time we head onto the park to play rugby or football or lawn bowls, they expect an "Ochh eye Jimmy" but I can honestly say I think it would be stupid.

Rant and shaking of hoary head over.

John hopefully gets out of hospital today, he has been in for almost a month. I think having Chemo breaks down your immune system so hospital is a bad place to be.

I got a request for a quote yesterday to do a website for a company that builds Irish Gypsy Caravans which could be interesting, they also build pizza ovens but I think I managed to talk him into keeping the two things separate, he can have two URL's on the same server account so it wont cost double to have two sites. My initial idea for the caravans would be to have an old worldly type feel with a painted logo of one of the vans. I get lots of requests that lead to nothing but if I can get a deposit they usually come through. I think working on this one could be interesting.

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