Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn colour in the Garden

I spent an hour or two raking leaves in the secret garden today, the ground is green colored again, before I started it was covered with yellow, orange and brown leaves. I have a really handy 1 ton bag that is great for moving clippings and leaves and the like it came full of gravel and I am not sure if the bag was meant to be returned, but it wasn't and has proved useful since. There is still a wee bit of color left in the garden but it is muted color now.

I booked some of the things required for my excursion online yesterday, I cant remember how I would have done it before the Internet came along. It is just sooooooo handy to be able to compare prices/ locate on a map/ check out photos of rooms and book all without making a call or getting out of the chair. I take it a step further right enough. My ferry gets into Cairnryan at 0952 and I have five hours to get to Glasgow so I looked for a bookstore that has this book I need for a Christmas present in stock somewhere that I would be passing through in the five hours, located the store, and noted the postcode for the satnav. Put the closest parking into Google maps locations on my phone, checked the earliest book in time for that evenings hotel, worked out the travel time via the hotel and closest car park to the bus station my Mom is arriving at, and checked where the best coffee can be had nearby. Then I printed out all my booking receipts and then had another wonder at how I would have had to do that organizing without the good old internet.

There is another good weekend of rugby union coming up this weekend with England v New Zealand, Ireland v Australia, Scotland v S Africa, Wales v Argentina, and France V Tonga. I would predict victories for NZ, Ireland, S Africa, Wales and France but would love to see Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and Tonga get up. One never knows England beat NZ this time last year.


Di said...

Love the glimpses of your garden but not quite so sure about the sacrilege you committed, re the rugby :-)
Are going to watch at home or might there be a nice cosy pub for a match, or two?

Rob Shairp said...

lol not sure where to watch the games, maybe watch Ireland v Australia in the pub right enough.