Saturday, November 2, 2013

It takes a lot to wake me

Well I sleep soundly (unless my elbow is hurting) and it usually takes a lot to wake me during the night especially with the new double glazing, you hardly ever hear a thing here. Anyway last night the wind and torrential rain woke me twice, it was almost as impressive as the southerly busters we used to get in Australia. I think one of the most impressive storms (Busters) we had was when we lived in Riverwood in Sydney.

The landlord, who lived next door, was a retired TV newsreader and personality called Roger Climpson, I couldn't remember his name so Googled retired nine news commentators by  year and found it, anyway getting back to the storm, it was a boiling hot day hovering around 40C, so hot our plastic garden furniture was buckling when you went to sit down, a friend Tracy was over for a barbi and we watched the storm approach from the South,. The house had a great view from an elevated position above the Lane Cove river and we could see the massive Cumulus Nimbus clouds gathering for a couple of hours before the storm hit, when it did come we could see the trees along the river buckle under the 70 mph initial gusts the day turned almost as dark as night, hailstones the size of wall nuts hit the glass doors onto the patio and the temperature dropped from 40C + to 18C in seconds.

We are forecast to have storm force winds here again this afternoon so I just popped down to the marina to check on a pals boat for him, he left the keys with me here as he lives in Cavan  in the midlands of Ireland.

Angie is heading down to Waterford to see John in hospital this afternoon and will head across to England for work tomorrow so I shall be left to my own devices until Wednesday, I shant be alone right enough I will surround myself with hamburgers and chippies.

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