Friday, November 8, 2013

Big tide and high river

Well the river was flooded from the sea up to the bridge at Casla this morning, a tide with 5.2 meters height and the recent heavy rains have the whole low level ground down there covered with water. I think the wind this morning has also raised the level of the water a bit.
I,m a bit bored this morning, not much into gardening in the rain, "this is Ireland Rob come on  get yer wadders on m8". OK that did not do it either, usually a pep speech will get me motivated but not today, hopefully it will dry up a bit later. The thing with all this rain is the dogs tend to turn the grass into mud running around and then they are black when they come indoors so I have to clean up after them. I could do with a website to work on to keep me amused this week.

The Russians have a rocket taking the Olympic Torch into space today and yesterday the Indians did their thing so I have decided to remortgage my house and send Benny into orbit, the aim will be to provide a first defense capability and have him bark really loudly if he sees an approaching meteor that looks like its on a collision course with Derrykyle. Apparently there are some firecrackers left in Northern Ireland where it isn't illegal to buy and sell them, so on the way back from Glasgow I shall fill the boot of the Forester with them and basically its just a case of strapping them to the dog and standing back and listening for barking.

And the chiefs of the three spy networks in the UK are in parliament this afternoon to answer questions on their activities, I can just imagine the answers " no comment" "ehh no comment" "hmmm I,m not allowed to comment on that" "definitely no comment" " that information could damage the countries safety so no comment" anyway I may listen in anyway as I like the phrase " no comment".

Making a banana bread as we speak, hopefully it is edible as Angie makes a really good one and I hate it when she gloats lol. It looks like it is fairing up a bit outside too so the day isnt totally written off.

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