Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nice suprise

Well I should get Angie to do the shopping more often, she got a tap on the shoulder when she was in the line to pay for her groceries in the supermarket in Barna, the person doing the tapping told her if she swapped her milk for this other brand they would pay for the groceries :) bill was over 120 euros so that was a nice surprise. She got her photo taken and it will get posted on Facebook as part of the deal. I hope she gets a lottery ticket tonight too.

Heavy rain showers and bright periods here today so the dogs and I cleared some bracken and brambles between the showers, Gus ends up with a bramble encrusted tail which needs to be cut out so he may not make Crufts dog show again. They should have a section "how not to groom your dog"

I see Super Typhoon Haiyan has crossed the Philippines causing havoc, three-quarters of a million people were ordered to leave their homes in villages in Haiyan's path and who knows how many will have been killed by its fury. This storm is one of the strongest to make landfall ever with winds over 200MPH. The strongest winds I even was in were gusting to 114MPH  I know because I was talking to the lighthouse keeper who was monitoring the wind speeds in the Butt of Lewis lighthouse and I was trying to find shelter close by. The lighthouse was automated in 1999. When you are out in that sort of wind you cant see anything but spray and the noise is unbelievable. On that same night one of the purse seiners in Mallaig  broke her lines and was charging up and down the wharf bumping into other boats so I was glad, after the even not to have been in that harbour.

Fingers crossed here for tonight's Lotto win, I have it spent already. Ohh its great to daydream ehh.

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