Monday, May 21, 2012

Some of the colour in the garden at the moment

Here are a few photos I have just taken walking round the garden, I'm not sure what everything is right enough

I like this photo of some ferns with all the green and the close leaves in focus.

Not sure what this plant is called but the dropplet flowers remind me of jelly beans.

Irises are flowering around the pond now 4and I have these hugeeeeeeee skunk weeds that are also meant to have a nice flower later in the year, the leaves look like a huge cabbage and are bright green.

Climbing rose bush on the front of the house has a wonderful scent.

I have had to chop down a Rowan tree today to let the excavator in to install the new septic tank, there are lots of them around to keep the witches away or so they say, no wonder it was queit at Halloween. The unit I took to bits in the house yesterday has been reassembled and made into a work bench in the shed. Thankfully it came out without having to break it.

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