Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fresh fish for dinner

Well I went out in the yacht for an hours fishing and caught 5 pollack. They are a bit like cod with white flaky flesh. Was fun and I have a good set of marks for future excursions, 5 fish in half an hour is my sort of fishing. The bit I fished is just outside the harbor limits and not too rough. Angie picked up the cheque for the house this morning so the house should be ours tomorrow :) I have to chop down one tree and some bushes so the excavator can get down to the new tank position, they recon they might start next week and that we will only be toilet less for a day, I might take the chemical toilet off the boat for that day. I am just about to contact the window company to order the new windows and doors and we might go look at fires this weekend.

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Di said...

Congratulations on the fish and ON THE HOUSE!!! I'm so glad for you two. It all sounds fairly superb actually :-)