Thursday, May 17, 2012

The sitter ooter

Spent most of the day making the Sitter Ooter or Tardis, cutting grass and burning branches. The Sitter Ooter is coming on nicely and I'm thinking of thatching it with bamboo, it sits on a wee hillock across from the house near the "Tunnel". I had called it the sitterooter initially but it sounded kinda crude.

Mum and Dad left on the half seven bus from Galway this morning so they left here at 0620 and will get to Glasgow this evening around 2120, long day but better than travelling from Sydney I suppose.
They catch a bus up to Oban tomorrow morning. The weather was quite good for their stay with only showers on a couple of days, its meant to rain overnight and tomorrow I think so my vegies will get a watering, I put sugar snap peas out the other day. So far there are onions, broccoli, courgette, carrots, lettus and spuds growing away quite the thing.

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