Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arbor type thingie

Well Dad and I were making an arbor type thingie today, its got as far as the front and back sections but the drawing below is how its meant to look
I think it will be called the Tardis and inside will be one of my amazing log benches, it measures about 3 ft square on the bottom and I will probably thatch the top with bamboo as there is lots of it around and make small branches intersect like crazy paving on the sides and back. So come on back to see the finished article.

The new septic tank got delivered this afternoon and will be installed shortly, we are going to settle on the house this weekend coming and keep back a wee bit untill the thing is certified so at long last Derrykyle Lodge wll be ours, wooohoo.

It has been pretty good weather for Mum and Dads visit and they head back tommorow early and go as far as Glasgow by bus and ferry, will be a long day for them.

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