Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heat wave

Well it feels hot in fact it got to 28 C today which is nothing compared to Sydney, we had one day that I remember because it killed off the ferns in my garden even though I was watering them all day, it got to 48 C. Mind you we had air conditioning then. I cut the lawn today well half of them anyway, and I was melting by the end of it, the plumber and his offsider were breaking up boulders with a jack hammer type drill and sledge hammers all day they struggled in the heat too. Sitting in a pair of shorts here trying to get a draught in he windows, strange fir ireland. There is a track cut for he excavator which comes on Tuesday and they wil use all the broken boulders to landscape the tank I think. Leona arrives from Paris on Tuesday evening and the forecast looks good until she arrives then rain lol typical ehh. Mind you I shouldn't winge it's been nice for most of our visitors so far.

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