Monday, May 7, 2012

Perfect day for a sail

Well it was near perfect sailing conditions today, could have done with 10C more in the way of temp but hey you can't have everything ehh. The wind was in the SE about force 3 gusting 4 with flat sea and I clocked 9.3 knts at one stage. My pal Mark has a pal coming to visit from Australia before he himself heads back there, apparently the bloke races yachts so he has booked in for a sail. I will be sad to see Mark head back to Aussie but he can't find any decent work here. Not sure if this link to a photo of the cliffs Ono the West coast of the Aran isles will work or not as I,m on my wee ipad and blogger uses a flash method of uploading photos etc and of course mr apple don't do flash, it's one of the only things wrong with this machine. Was looking through the freezer for dinner and have found enough ingredients to make a fish curry, saves going shopping.

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