Sunday, May 13, 2012

Grand day out at the Aran Islands

Well we visited Inishmor in the Aran Islands today and it was very interesting, and quite an insight into how harsh an existence must have been in the days before tourism. Off course nowadays its fleece the tourist with fleets of mini busses and over a thousand bikes for hire and dozens of horse drawn carts, the mini bus run covers the whole island which is about 7 miles by 3 miles wide so we took that option today. Seeing them all touting for business was vaugly reminisent of Rome's tourist attractions and maybe the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, but there were no camels.

The ferry takes about 45 mins to cross from Rossaveal to Cuan Cill Ronan, and we had a sunny day with only one shower of rain all day, it caught Angie and I climbing up to a prehistoric fort on the cliffs on the West side of the island called Dun Aonghasa

The landscape is stunningly barren, limestone with hardly any soil at all, they used seaweed to try and grow spuds and there wasnt even any peat or wood on the islands to burn for fuel so the peat had to be imported from Connemara by boat.

We had a mini bus to ourselves which was good.

The seals dont bother about tourists.

Dont tell me the Bodach doesnt look like a local and Angie sort of has that Choochter stance too:)

Was a very enjoyable day out and I would reccomend it.

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