Saturday, December 31, 2011

New years honor list

Well I was scrolling through the honors list and found James Bond,I was chaffed to bits that I actually knew one of the people, well not "knew" rather had heard of, turns out he is a foster carer, Essex CC and ltly chair, Fostering Network, for serv children and young people. Apart from James I didn't recognize another name ;)

This looks like it may be the quietest New Year here since Barney Rubles dinosaur broke down and the beer didn't get delivered to Freds bash, anyway I,m sure the tv will have a fireworks display on somewhere. We had the bells under Sydney harbour bridge one year, on Georges yacht, when the fireworks were going off, that was rather special. I don't think there will be any here as they are illegal here in Ireland. I may go outside throw the torch in the year and yell BANG just for the hell of it.

The weather has been dreich this month, roll on springtime. There are primroses popping up here and it's December what a weird year this time last year plants were dieing in artic type weather. We exposed another boulder at the front of the house yesterday, it was hidden under moss, old heather roots and weeds. The exposed rock makes a nice feature. Just noticed a heron checking out the Lilly pond, they have some concentration so they do.

Anyway Bliana a bha ure everyone have a good new year slanthe.

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