Thursday, December 15, 2011

Change in the weather

Well instead of gales and rain we have gales and hail this morning  (Monday) :) its been awful weather here and not at all conducive to gardening I'm afraid. I suppose at least I havent got sunburn ehh. I dont mind not seeing anyone all day if  I am busy chopping down trees or ripping out brambles but I must admit to being a bit bored when I'm stuck inside.

Well we braved the elements, togged up in wet weather gear and did a couple of hours hacking and ripping and I feel better for expending that energy. The dogs will maybe be less ancy for a while too as they had a good run around. Gus is giving himself a wash down now and getting bits of brambles out of his tail.

Tuesday now and what a difference a day makes, this morning was sunny and calm and it reminmded me what I saw in this place, the mountains looked awesome with their dusting of snow and the dogs and I spent about 5 hours with the shredder getting a workout. The area down from my patio that used to be all overgrown with fuschia bushes and brambles is now all cleared and I'm thinking of putting a greenhouse down there its on the western side of the house and pretty sheltered by trees but nothing close enough to fall on it.

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